Summer * Autumn

Find the city too uncomfortable? Bandai is the best place to escape from the heat and humidity. You might even need to bring long-sleeved shirt, even in the summer.

The colours of the autumn trees are magnificent. What is unique about Bandai is that most trees here have broad leaves which highlight the various colourful autumnal tints.

There are many trekking trails available in Bandai and we can suggest the best course for you to take. There are many scenic places where you can capture precious moments. Just make sure that your digital camera or cellphone has enough empty memory space before you come!




Four rental bikes are available.

700 yen per bike per half day.


自転車レンタル:半日 700円/台

Urabandai map middle wide ENG J.jpg

Urabandai wide area map (English)

Lake Sohara through Goshikinuma Ponds area

Lake Sohara area map

The area you can walk from the guesthouse.


There are 19 hiking and trekking courses to explore in the Bandai area.

For your safety, please wear a light-coloured long-sleeved shirt and long pants when you go trekking. Bug spray is also useful but please don't use any perfumes when you go into the wild.  Please talk to us at reception about what kind of walk you would like and we will advise you on the best course!






A short pier runs out onto the lake in front of the guesthouse.

One Canadian canoe and two kayaks are available for rent.

2,000 yen per person during you stay.

*We just rent the canoe or kayak. There is no one attend to you as a instructor.






Places of Interest


Goshikinuma Ponds 五色沼

10 minutes by car. The 3.6 km sightseeing trail around the Goshikinuma Ponds can be covered in approximately 1 hour 15 minutes. The volcanic substances in the water imbue the ponds with mysterious hues such as emerald green and pastel blue. All ponds are frozen in the winter but snowshoe trekking tour is available.


Oguninuma Marsh 雄国沼湿原

20 minutes by car to the entrance of the Oshizawa Trekking Course. A 1 hour and 30 minute walk to the marsh. Surrounded by expansive wetlands, you can view approximately 300 varieties of plant life throughout the season. Nikko Day Lillies bloom from the end of June to early July.


Morohashi Museum of Modern Art 諸橋近代美術館

10 minutes by car. The Morohashi Museum of Modern Art has a total of 394 artworks in its collection. 332 of these were created by the great Spanish artist, Salvador Dali. The works by Dali include 19 oil and watercolor paintings, 37 sculptures, 273 etchings and 3 other works. The museum is closed during winter.


Nakasenuma Ponds observation area 中瀬沼展望台

5 minutes by car to Urabandai Site Station and 10 mins walk to the observation area. The view of Mt Bandai and the ponds, forest below. No words is needed.


Onogawafudotaki Falls 小野川不動滝

A large waterfalls cloth with a falling height of 25 meters. In the summer you will feel a refreshing feeling of a powerful splashes. 15 mins from guesthouse by car to the parking and another 30 mins walk to the falls.


Mt Bandai Hiking 磐梯山登山

25 minutes by car to the entrance of the Happodai hiking course. A 2 hour and 30 minute hike to the peak (1816 m) of Mt Bandai, the symbol of the Aizu Region (western part of Fukushima Prefecture). Hikers can follow this easy trail to the summit, where they will be rewarded with a 360 degree panoramic view.


Grandeco Urabandai Ropeway グランデコ裏磐梯ロープウェイ

20 mins from guesthouse by car. The ski ropeway is not only for ski season but also open in summer and autumn. Especially in middle October, you can see the autumn trees from the sky!


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