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Camping spots
& Facilities


・Lakeside campsite with a superb view of Mt. Bandai.

・The certainty that you can specify a place by online reservation.

・All sites with power supply, Wifi available.

・There are shower and flush toilets.

・Kayak rental available.

・Price range from 4400 yen to 5500 yen per person.

・Family friendly! ​​Elementary school students and younger are free.

​・No parking fee or garbage disposal fee.

・There are shared spaces such as a moss garden and a lakeside deck.

・Manager stays at night.

​・Recommended for those who want to enjoy the lakeside scenery in peace and quiet.

(Group campers who drink a lot are not welcome).

The tent site layout will be changed from the start of 2024 operations (planned for mid-April 2024).
Please wait to book until the new layout maps are available in March.

Camp ground.png
Please set up the tent and tarp by 19:00.
Please be quiet from 22:00 to 6:00.
Free Wifi (2.4GHz) available in the camping area.
Power outlet AC100V, Maximum 300W each spot.
The lights in the garden will automatically turn off at around 21:00.
There is a flush toilet near the reception.
Please use the shower room near the reception.
It is free for BLG guests.
The sink is located next to the reception. No hot water.
​The water from the tap is drinkable.
doorsign trash free icon.png
Please separate the garbage and throw away in the rubbish bin. Do not throw any kitchen garbage outside. Bear will come.
The nearest 7-Eleven is 7 minutes by car.
Show on Google Map.
ATM at 7-Eleven. Post office near 7-Eleven.
The nearest supermarket is 30 minutes by car (Inawashiro Town).
Show ​supermarket on Google Map.
​We do not sell firewood. Please purchase at a do-it-yourself shop in Inawashiro.
Show the do-it-yourself shop on Google Map.
​There are no vending machines at the campsite. We do not sell ice.

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